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1997 Lhamborghini Diablo

My Most Materialistic Dream

TheImportance of Love

Loveis so important
Wecan have all the possessions in the world
butif we don't have someone to love
wehave nothing at all
Lovemakes our emotions complete

Loveis so important
Itbrings out the best in each of us
Welearn from each other's lives
andgrow from our differences
Weare two individuals
livingour own lives
witheach other as one
Loveenlightens us

Loveis so important
Asa couple in love
weare stronger, more sensitive
moreaware, more knowing
andmore at peace
thanwe are individually
Lovemakes us better people

Loveis so important
Itgives understanding to all that we do
becausewe are able to share our ideas
explainour goals
expressour frustrations
andalways have someone to support
whatwe say and do
Lovemakes it a lot easier
toachieve what we want in life.

--SusanPolis Schutz


My GreatestDream Of All, Is To Follow In Gods Footprints To Heaven


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