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Thanks To All Of You Who Have Been PatientWith Me.
I'll Be Doing My Best To Make This Into AnAward Winning Site,
So Please Bear With Me...

Warning !!!
Throughout My Sites On The Internet,
I Try To List Things That Will Be Of InterestTo
Everyone. However, I Realize There May BeThings On My
Pages That You May Not Agree With, As ThereMay Be Material
That Is Controversial And May Be Totally ContraryTo Your Beliefs.
If This Is The Case, I Strongly Urge You ToEither Keep An Open Mind Or Simply
Close Your Browser Window.
Thank You


OneCurrent Issue That I Am Constantly Keeping Up With Is The JonBenet RamseyMurder,And I Am
   Working On A Memorial Page For This Tragically
 ExploitedAnd Brutally Murdered Child.

My JonBenetLinks:




(A Poem about Justice)
 FlowersFor JonBenet
(A Collection of Photos)

I apologize greatly for the inconvenienceto you good folks, for taking the time to load this page and then to findit under construction and not working properly...but I have been busy.You see...I'm from Arkansas.