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Angel Of Reflection

It begins in your heartas a yearning.
Then you question your lifeand your goal.
But the questions just keepyou returning
To a place hidden deep in yoursoul.
Though you can feel alone andunworthy
As you try to remember what'sreal.
You're restrained by emotionsyou don't see
And the pain is so raw it won'theal.
With a subtle awareness yourfeeling
As an Angel appears magically,
Who then offers the processof healing
You're now free to be all youcan be.
She will mirror intense lovethat's so true.
Reawaken, envelope her light.
This magnificent Being beforeyou
Brings a treasure that's yourDivine right.
--Author Unknown


Not the angels like youknow,
These are my angels
A spiritual kind
It's from the heart
Not the soft looking kind insome painting
Angels are much more than justa vision.
They watch over me and you,always
They guide our spirits, protectus
They take us where we want tobe sometimes.
Prayers do have wings you know
Believe in them, 'cause theybelieve in us
As I believe in you, alwayswill, I know it.
Angels, they're with us now
We only need listen for them
Beethoven, Lennon, Cobain, allthe others
I talk to them sometimes youknow
About you... about me... abouteverything
They smiled and told me it wasokay.
They watch over you for me
Did you know that? Yeah, theydo...
I ask them to each night beforeI go to sleep
To make sure you're safe andwarm for the night
I wish it was me sometimes,I'll admit
And it will be eventually, Iknow
But for now, it's the angels,my friends
The old indians, the saintsand the sinners...
They help me, and they helpyou.
When you're sitting all comfyand warm
Look up at the angels, and smilefor them...
And know they are smiling forus too...
--Author Unknown

Soul Mates

The love I feel, I knowis real.
It lingers on day after day,night after night.
It has attached itself ontomy aching soul.
I feel as though I'm drowningwithout you.
You've touched my heart gently.
Your eyes, your smile make myheart soar.
And everytime our eyes meet,
I know that we're sharing thesame thoughts.
When we were together we werein sync
What we shared was so preciousand beautiful
that it can never be equaled.
I never thought I could feel
this deeply for another humanbeing.
I just want you to hold me.
I dream about you every dayof my life.
You're the last thought in mymind at night
and the first thing I thinkof when I wake up.
You're the sun on my rainy days,
my gentle breeze on humid days,
my drink when I'm thirsty.
Am I foolish for feeling thisway?
It has been hard for me
to keep these feelings awayfrom you.
I wish we could talk,
I wish we could laugh,
I wish we could walk under thestars on a summer night.
I want to hold your hand,
kiss you, feel you.
I feel unharmed and safe wheneverI think of you.
I know you feel the same too.
When you're all alone, do youthink of me?
When you're cold at night, doyou think of me?
Cause I think of you,
All the time.
Just remember that we're onlyapart in distance,
But never in heart.
- by Lauren

Angel Prayer

Let the angels sing andpraise God!
Jesus, teach us to not be afraid.
Let there be no fear in ourlives.
You are in control of everything.
Thank you for coming to thisworld to save us.
You came to save us from oursins.
We thank you, O Lord.
Help us to listen to the goodnews proclaimed.
Open our ears to hear your words,O Lord.
Thanks for saving us.
We rejoice in your coming.
Bless us, O Lord, this day.
Make us your children.
Make us lowly and humble likeyou.
You are the light that cameinto the darkness.
Light our way, O Lord.
Show us the way.
Help us to forgive anyone weneed to today.
Bless our families.
--Author Unknown



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