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Some thingsjust tend to move your entire being...
that's whenyou finally's time
to changedirections.

"The Poem"

I knelt andprayed
but not forlong,
I had tohurry and
get to work
For billswould soon
be due.
So I kneltand said
a hurriedprayer,
And jumpedup off
my knees.
My Christianduty
was now done
My soul couldrest at ease.
All day long
I had notime
To spreada
word of cheer.
No time tospeak
of Christto friends,
They'd laughat me
I'd fear.
No time,no time,
too muchto do.
That wasmy constant cry,
No time togive to
souls inneed.
But at lastthe
time, thetime
to die.
I went beforethe Lord,
I came, Istood with
For in hishands
God helda book;
It was thebook of life.
God lookedinto his book
and said
"Your nameI cannot find.
I once wasgoing to write
it down,but
never foundthe time."


 Marilyn'sSeventh Heaven