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The ManyFaces of Jim





Thereis true love, and yet you may
Have lingering doubts about it;
I'll tell the truth, and simply say
That life's a blank without it.
There is a love both true and strong,
A love that falters never;
It lives on faith, and suffers wrong,
But lives and loves forever.
Such love is found but once on earth --
The heart cannot repel it;
From whence it comes, or why its birth,
The tongue may never tell it.
This love is mine, in spite of all,
This love I fondly cherish;
The earth may sink, the skies may fall,
This love will never perish.
It is a love that cannot die,
But, like the soul, immortal,
And with it cleaves the starry sky
And passes through the portal.
This is the love that comes to stay --
All other loves are fleeting;
And when they come, just turn away --
It is but Cupid cheating.
--by Alice Carry

The Kids

Jim and Marcena

           Jim's First Grandson             DeSean Dillon

ILove You

Ilove you because
you are the only person
who ever got close to me
in mind, body, and spirit.

Ilove you because
youhave taught me how to
takecharge of my life
throughthe power of first
believingin myself.

Ilove you because
youhave made my life more
colorful,exciting, and alive
byshowing me that happiness
isn'tjust being content,
it'sstriving toward the desire
inyour heart until some
partof it has been obtained.

Ilove you because
youare that once-in-a-lifetime
personwho has given me
thatchance of a lifetime
tohave a never-ending stream
ofsuccess in whatever I do.

Ilove you because
youare the only person
whohas equally shared
inhelping me grow and learn
howto live life
andlive it more abundantly.


Matt,DeSean and Desarie


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