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While it is unfortunate to have a need for a site such as this, it IS a reality and it IS very important to know the facts of and how to protect yourself, should you ever find yourself in the middle of a potential crime. Knowledge IS power !

The Following Contains Links To Some Of The Best True Crime On The Web. You Will Also Find Links To Crime Prevention And Support Groups For Crime Victims. Please Take The Time To Thoroughly Examine The Links, As they May be Instrumental In Preventing Some Future Tragedy.

Serial Killer Sites
Serial killers may be the most frightening of all murderers, as they are literally addicted to killing.


Crimes Of Passion
These killers are very "passionate"and often kill for what they perceive as "love".


Mass Murderers
These killers usually have a sole mission to complete, which they intend to keep, at any price.


Crime On The Information Highway
Internet crime, while usually is not as prosecutable as the above mentioned, (it is not easily regulated) it certainly lacks none of the seriousness and definitely deserves equal attention.


Crime Prevention Sites
Learn how to protect yourself. Be prepared in advance.


Victims Support Groups
If you are the victim of a crime, these support groups can be very beneficial to your recovery process.